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Following the lifting of COVID 19 virus restrictions Consciousness Cafes will hybrid in-person and streamed (zoom) events hosted at St. John's Church, Bridgetown. 

Friday, 4th November, 2022 - 8:00 to 10:00 pm 

George Monbiot on "How can we Feed the World without Destroying the Planet?"

We face a twin emergency: the environmental crisis caused in large part by the food system, and the possibility that the food system could itself collapse. Might there be some world-changing solutions to both predicaments? Drawing from his acclaimed, recently published book Regenesis, George Moonbiot reveals the extraordinary innovations of the food pioneers that demonstrate how we can freed the world in a way that restores nature. As Caroline Lucas writes, "A book offering evidence-based hope is a rare thing in these days of climate and nature emergency - yet that's exactly what George Monbiot has written. Inspiring and compelling, Regenesis sets out a transformative vision of a new food future with the potential to both restore nature and feed the world. Monbiot's blueprint is both wildly ambitious and deeply practical, and might well be our last best hope of stopping the sixth great extinction".

George Monbiot is an author, Guardian columnist and environmental activist. His best-selling books include Feral: Rewilding the land, sea and human lifeHeat: how to stop the planet burning; and Out of the Wreckage: a new politics for an age of crisis. George co-wrote the concept album Breaking the Spell of Loneliness with musician Ewan McLennan, and has made a number of viral videos: How Wolves Change Rivers, adapted from his 2013 TED Talk, has been viewed on YouTube over 40m times. Nature Now, co-presented with Greta Thunberg, has been watched over 60m times. George’s latest book, Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet, was published in May 2022.

Tickets: £5


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