The Royal Seven Stars, The Plains, Totnes

Arrival time: 7:30 for 8:00 to 10:00 

Entry: £5 at door

Bookings: Contact Wendy at 

26th April
Prof Max Velmans on ‘Is the Universe Conscious?’

Is the Universe an insentient machine in which human consciousness is an unlikely freak of nature, or is it more like a cosmic mind of which human consciousness is a natural manifestation? In this talk, Max will draw on both Western and Eastern approaches to this question, consider the significance of mystical experience, and will suggest a form of understanding in which physics, psychology and spirituality converge.

Max is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London and has been involved in the study of Consciousness for more than 40 years. He has over 100 publications on this subject, including his latest books Understanding Consciousness (2009), Towards a Deeper Understanding of Consciousness (2017) and The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness (2017). He was a co-founder and, from 2004-2006, Chair of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society, and an Indian Council of Philosophical Research National Visiting Professor for 2010-2011. 


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